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New technology is changing the face of farming. The opportunities for higher productivity are greater than ever, but so too are the upfront costs. That’s where agricultural asset finance can really help. Modern machinery may be lasting longer, but it’s getting more expensive, while new techniques like no-till require whole new pieces of kit to be bought. Or perhaps you want to diversify into chickens or be one of the first to reap the benefits from the next big opportunity.

Whatever your ambition for your farm, we can help you fund it. We can source the finance you need that the big banks can’t, without the need for expensive overdrafts or big upfront costs and without it impacting on your credit score. New or used equipment, replacements or upgrades or releasing equity in owned equipment – we’ve got it all covered.

At Beacon, we’re here to take care of everything for you. We’ll get all the proposal work done for you while you focus on running your business. We’ll sort out the invoicing and paperwork with the dealer. We’ll then come to you to get your arrangement signed. It only takes a few days – usually the same time it takes the dealer to get your machinery ready.

You could fund:

New or used machinery

Haymaking in Summer

We can arrange funding for a whole range of kit, including tractors, trailers, combines, balers, graders, diggers, ATVs, and many more. Our brokers have the experience to know which used equipment funders will accept and which details need to be included to make sure it’s accepted for finance.

Case study: tractor

  • £30,000 hire purchase (HP) agreement
  • 12 quarterly payments of £2,780
  • £100 set up fee and £50 option to purchase (payable with the last payment)

Our customer wanted to use the value tied up in an existing asset to fund a new project. Having purchased a tractor from new three years ago, they were now looking to unlock part of its value to pay for a new land drain. They didn’t want to borrow more from their bank while they had existing assets available to use and they also wanted the money quickly so they could get their next project finished in a tight timescale. The most suitable product for them was a refinancing HP agreement. The deal refinanced £30,000 of the tractor’s value, to be repaid in quarterly payments over three years.

Buildings and one-off projects

A farmer veterinary walks inside a poultry farm

Buildings are some of the most expensive investments a farm can make. New milking parlours let dairy farms make much needed efficiency savings to stay competitive, while a good corn store can be the difference between success and failure at harvest. We can help you invest in new infrastructure that will bring you benefits for decades to come.

Case study: poultry shed

  • £380,000 project loan
  • 84 monthly payments of £5,370
  • £100 set up fee, payable with the first repayment

Our customer wanted to expand their operations by building a new poultry shed on their farm. Their plan was to diversify and generate a steady income stream throughout the year by building a shed to house 15,000 chickens. The customer didn’t want to use bank finance because they wanted more land security for the loan. They asked for the loan to be split into two parts; £180,000 to be borrowed immediately to pay for ground works and a further £200,000 six months later to pay for the building and fittings. A project loan could be paid to them in two stages, as required. They received the first part of the loan within two weeks. 


Biofuel boiler house wood chips transportation system
Clean or renewable energy can make good commercial sense for your business, especially if you use large amounts of power. Traditionally, investments like biomass boilers, ground source heat pumps or solar panels come with large upfront payments, but asset finance can help spread the cost.

Case study: biomass boiler

  • £50,000 project loan
  • 60 monthly payments of £998
  • £100 set up fee, payable with the first repayment

Our customer wanted to install a 200 kW biomass boiler on their farm to provide hot water for their chicken sheds and farm house. They planned to burn waste wood from the farm and receive Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) credits. The equipment and installation cost a total of £70,000, which needed to be paid to the supplier in four instalments. Our customer wanted to borrow £50,000, repaid over 60 months, with the first repayment delayed by six months until after the boiler was installed. A project loan was the ideal solution as it could be paid to them upfront for them to use when paying their supplier as each stage of the project was completed.

Figures for illustrative purposes only and do not constitute a quotation. Applicable interest rates appropriate for the type of asset at the time of publication.