Grow your business with asset finance

Getting access to business funding hasn’t always been easy, but our range of asset finance products is here to help. If you’re is looking to invest in new equipment, assets or capex finance, business asset finance is a fast, simple alternative to traditional overdrafts or extra bank borrowing that doesn’t affect your cash flow.

Asset finance lets you spread the cost, while giving you access to the funding you need right away. How much you borrow and how you repay is up to you. Payment profiles can be designed to fit around how your business works, with delayed repayment options and VAT deferment often available. Because our brokers understand your industry, they can quickly help you get the deal you want.

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Hire purchase (HP)

Hire purchase best suits customers who ultimately want to own the equipment being financed. Under a HP deal, the VAT and any deposit is paid on signing, then the balance and interest are repaid over a number of years according to the needs of your business. A number of different payment profiles are available through hire purchase, and you will have the option to purchase the equipment at the end.


Leasing works well for customers who know they need new equipment or machinery to grow their business, but don’t necessarily want to own it. A lease is similar to HP agreements in terms of a deposit being required on signing. However unlike HP, for a lease agreement VAT is paid on any deposit as well as the payments throughout the agreement, rather than upfront.

Operating lease

Otherwise known as contract hire agreements, an operating lease is usually a shorter lease that finishes before the end of an asset’s expected lifespan. At the end of the term you have the option of continuing to ‘hire’ the equipment from the finance company for a nominal annual fee. Alternatively you can sell it to an unrelated third party and retain a percentage of the proceeds of sale.


You could fund: 

Agricultural machinery

Asset finance

Asset finance can help your farm fund new or used equipment, upgrades or replacements, without the need for overdrafts or big upfront costs and without affecting your credit score. New technology is changing the face of farming – make the most of the opportunities and don’t let the cost hold you back (find out more here).

Manufacturing improvements and upgrades

Investments in infrastructure and essential pieces of kit can deliver huge gains to production lines. The future of manufacturing lies in greater productivity, and business asset finance can help you fund it (See our full range of finance options here).

Construction equipment

Asset finance can be used to fund essential construction investments, from new machinery and equipment to  fencing, generators and safety lighting. Don’t let the costs of growth slow your business down – from machinery bought at auction to private sale purchases, we have the financial products that can help (Find out more here). 

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Figures for illustrative purposes only and do not constitute a quotation. Applicable interest rates appropriate for the type of asset at the time of publication. Finance is secured against the asset until repayments are made in full and all applicable fees are paid.