Our MD Ben Guy recently spoke to East Midlands Business Link to talk through our exciting plans for 2017 – here are some of the best bits from the interview.

On growth

“You’re opening a new office in Nottingham. Can you tell us about it?”

I’ve already worked in the region with Phoenix Group, and I’ve managed East Midlands work with Beacon, albeit as a part-time endeavour. What we do in the West Midlands will definitely work in the East. There are lots of synergies between where we operate in the West Midlands and Lincolnshire, for example.

On the future

“Where do you see yourself in ten years’ time?”

I tend to look five years ahead. By that time I expect our work to be spread across a variety of sectors. There are lots of online peer-to-peer lending platforms now, but our approach is kind of the opposite – we’re traditional brokers. At Beacon it is not simply a case of putting numbers in online and seeing what comes out. The personal touch is very important to me, so our growth will be determined by the people we employ. Our sector does need to improve technologically, but we’re aiming to combine technology with a personal approach. Most brokers don’t have the experience of running a small business. I’ve run businesses, so I’m able to draw upon a wealth of insight where necessary.

On government support

“Do you think the government provides enough support for agricultural businesses?”

The sector is better when things are stable. The majority of rural landowning businesses will have some level of reliance on subsidy funding. Changes in this area are the biggest bugbear for these businesses, because ambiguity is difficult to work with. In stable times the level of support provided by the government is quite good, but Brexit will no doubt have a massive impact on it. Will it affect Beacon? Potentially, yes. The market for new equipment could be tougher for SMEs. However, the flipside of this could be that used equipment sales become more attractive, which would be good news for us. Finding an old asset is a lot easier than it used to be.

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