Keep your business moving with haulage and logistics asset finance

Logistics can be an expensive business. Haulage units are easy to rent, but often trailers are not – especially as you frequently need them to be fitted out to transport a specific product. And this can be needed at short notice, too. At Beacon, we have access to a panel of lenders, so we can source finance for even the most unique trailers or loaders. Speak to us and tell us what you need – we’ll make it happen.

You can use asset finance to fund a wide range of haulage and logistics equipment, including articulated lorries, low loaders, curtain sliders, pallet trucks, shrink wrappers and many more. Our range of financial products are built to suit your business model, and we’ll guide you through the whole process to make your life easier.

You could fund: 

Transport systems

When you’re managing multiple vehicles every day, delays mean significant extra costs. Delays caused by technology can be the most frustrating because of the knowledge that better systems could have avoided them. New technology costs money, but asset finance can help.

Case study: HGV GPS system

  • £35,000 project loan
  • 48 monthly payments of £857+VAT
  • £125 set up fee and £75 option to purchase (payable with the last payment)

Our customer wanted to upgrade the Sat Nav systems and GPS tracking for its entire fleet of 40 HGVs. Its existing software was outdated, so a new transport management package would allow for more efficient and profitable operations. The new package cost a total of £40,000 – instead of a deposit, they opted for an advanced rental payment of £5,000+VAT. The customer didn’t want to own the equipment at the end of the deal, so a lease was the most suitable option. The deal came with an optional secondary period rental payment of £200 per year, should the customer wish to keep the equipment beyond the lease period. 

New and replacement vehicles

Mercedes couriers

There are few things more important to a transport company that the state of its vehicles. New purchases can be costly, and often they’re only made out of necessity when older models breakdown. Whatever stage you’re at in the decision-making process, we can help you secure the finance.

Case study: Mercedes Sprinter courier vans

  • £80,000 hire purchase (HP) agreement
  • 36 monthly payments of £2,780
  • £125 set up fee and £75 option to purchase (payable with the last payment)

Our customer was a national courier firm that wanted to replace five of its vans with newer models. They were keen to reduce the impact on cash flow so didn’t have a deposit – however they did have older models available for trade-in. The total cost was £138,000, which fell to £80,000 after old vehicle trade-ins were taken into account. The best product for them was a three-year HP deal with a £5,000 final balloon payment for each vanThe balloon payment cut the monthly repayments significantly and allowed them the option of trading in the vans at the end or paying the balance off in full to keep them.


Interior of an empty refrigerated trailer

A good trailer will last you decades, but when it comes to buying or replacing them, the cost can be barrier. Any growing firm needs the ability to increase its capacity in a way that matches the nature of its business. Whatever your circumstances, our experts are here to help.

Case study: refrigerated box trailers

  • £75,000 hire purchase (HP) agreement
  • 72 monthly payments
    • 6 monthly payments (May-Oct) of £2,250
    • 6 monthly payments (Nov-Apr) of £750
  • £100 set up fee and £50 option to purchase (payable with the last payment)

Our customer was a regional fresh produce haulage firm looking to buy three additional refrigerated box trailers. Because these are a long-lasting asset, they wanted to spread the cost over a lengthy period. They needed an agreement to match the seasonal nature of their business, with repayments weighted 3:1 to the winter months each year. They also wanted to own the assets at the end of the deal. We secured a HP agreement for them with a £7,500 upfront deposit. The trailers were purchased towards the end of the customer’s VAT quarter, so a one-month VAT deferment allowed the VAT to be reclaimed before it had to be paid.

Figures for illustrative purposes only and do not constitute a quotation. Applicable interest rates appropriate for the type of asset at the time of publication.