Become more efficient and improve your margins with manufacturing asset finance

Successful manufacturing depends on having the best efficiency, productivity and the latest technology possible – asset finance can help you fund your next investment, big or small. At Beacon, we understand that funding the next stage of your business growth and getting access to competitive funding can be a real challenge. We can make all kinds of commercial equipment available to you through a range of finance deals.

We know that when it comes to company credit scores, nothing is black and white. Our finance team works with some of the biggest names in the industry to get you the best deal according to your individual circumstances. And any new equipment or machinery that’s going to make you more efficient and profitable will soon be paying for itself.

You could fund:

Production line improvements

Bottle filling operation at an oil plant. More from this series:

You might be surprised by what you can fund through asset finance. There’s a whole range of manufacturing kit available to you, including new production lines, washers, packing equipment, refrigeration units, reusable storage boxes and cages, generators and much more. For non-standard machinery, we can help explain your needs to the funders and how the equipment will be used so they feel comfortable financing it.

Case study: Complete filling and capping line

  • £176,000 hire purchase (HP) agreement
  • 84 monthly payments of £2,650
  • £250 set up fee and £100 option to purchase (payable with the last payment)

A fast-growing food manufacturer was looking to increase its capacity by installing a complete new filling and bottling line – including six-head filler, automated cap applicator and tightener, wraparound labeller and conveyor system. They didn’t have the cash available for this £196,000 investment but could afford a deposit of £20,000 upfront. As they wanted to spread the repayments over the longest possible period, a seven-year HP agreement offered the lowest possible monthly repayments. Because of the different pieces of kit involved, the finance was split between three funders, each with staged payment profiles to meet different manufacturers’ requirements.

State-of-the-art technology

Injection moulding machine for plastic parts production

The future of manufacturing lies in greater productivity. New technologies offer amazing potential, however in uncertain times the price tags associated with big investment can put some companies off. Asset finance could be the answer you’re looking for; get in touch with us to find out. 

Case study: injection moulding machine

  • £77,000 hire purchase (HP) agreement
  • 60 monthly payments of £1,550
  • £100 set up fee and £50 option to purchase (payable with the last payment)

Our customer was a family manufacturing firm looking to invest in a new, £87,000 injection moulding machine. They wanted to modernise their production to stay competitive and secure the future of their UK factory, and could afford a £10,000 deposit. We helped them fund the remaining £77,000 through a HP agreement that spread the cost over five years. This would give them the option of owning the asset outright at the end. The payment was split into two parts, two weeks apart. The first half was paid following a factory acceptance test and receipt of a customer certificate of acceptance while the machine was still off-site. The second half was paid on delivery.

Factory infrastructure upgrades

Some components of a pneumatic (compressed air) system:

Investments in infrastructure and essential pieces of kit can deliver huge gains to production lines. No one knows your factory better than you do, just like no one knows asset finance better than us. Our financial products could help you secure your next big manufacturing upgrade.

Case study: compressor system

  • £20,000 hire purchase (HP) agreement
  • 36 monthly payments of £624
  • £100 set up fee and £100 option to purchase (payable with the last payment)

A furniture maker wanted to upgrade their existing compressor system to a variable speed system in order to save electricity and money. They couldn’t afford to fund the investment outright, so wanted to consider asset finance for the first time. The machine cost £23,000 and they had a £3,000 deposit. We helped them fund the remaining £20,000 through a HP agreement that gave lower, fixed monthly repayments and the option to purchase the asset at the end. The customer preferred face-to-face contact, so we carried out all discussions swiftly and in person. The money was secured within three weeks.

Figures for illustrative purposes only and do not constitute a quotation. Applicable interest rates appropriate for the type of asset at the time of publication.