Fund the kit to grow your business through printing and packaging asset finance

New presses or packaging lines can be expensive to buy upfront. Even the cost of essentials like packing materials, pallets or waste facilities can add up over the course of a year. Under traditional finance options, paying for these can require either big outlays of capital or significant extra borrowing from your bank. Asset finance can help you get the kit you need without it impacting on your credit score.

The full list of things you can fund through asset finance may surprise you. Our range of hire purchase, leases and loans can help to fund digital or litho presses, die cutters, folders, binders and shrink wrappers. Whatever you need, our funding options can help make it happen so you can carry on growing your business.

You could fund:

Printing presses

Printing press.

Having up-to-date equipment can cut your costs significantly, improving your margins and strengthening your bottom line. It doesn’t have to be an ‘either or’ choice between modernising and turning a profit – asset finance could be the solution your printing business needs.

Case study: Heidelberg Speedmaster

  • £690,000 hire purchase (HP) agreement
  • 84 monthly payments of £10,450
  • £100 set up fee, payable with the first repayment

Our customer was a printing company that wanted to purchase a new printing press to expand its capacity and reduce customer waiting times. They wanted a specific model that came with a built-in LED-UV curing unit. The total cost was £790,000 and the business could afford an upfront deposit of £100,000, leaving £690,000 to be financed through borrowing. The customer chose to extend the HP repayment period rather than pay a larger deposit upfront. This suited their long-term budgeting.

Plate setting machines

Skilled worker operating on industrial printer inside the printing factory.

We can help you finance a range of specialist pre-press and finishing lines, from plate setting machines to spot UV and coating machines, varnishes and sorting and mailing lines. Asset finance can also fund many essential factory facilities that keep your lines running smoothly.

Case study: Heidelberg Suprasetter

  • £210,000 hire purchase (HP) agreement
  • 48 monthly payments of £5,110
  • £150 set up fee and £100 option to purchase (payable with the last repayment)

Our customer was a regional printing company that wanted to start creating its own print plates in-house for the first time. This would speed up its service and save it money over the long-term. Buying two machines at once through HP was the best option to suit the existing print presses. Each cost £180,000, with the total price of £360,000 being offset by a deposit of £150,000, to be paid upfront. The total amount borrowed was £210,000. The customer chose to pay a larger deposit and we were able to match them with the right HP deal to suit. They received the money within two weeks.

Computers and software

Shot of an empty officehttp://

The success of your business depends on you having the latest technology at the time you need it. Whatever line of the creative industries you’re working in, and no matter how young or old your company is, we can help you fund your next big purchase.

Case study: iMac desktops

  • £7,300 hire purchase (HP) agreement
  • 36 monthly payments of £233
  • £150 set up fee, and £100 option to purchase (payable with the last repayment)

This customer was a small design studio that needed to update its computer hardware. Its future growth depended on its staff having the latest equipment, but paying for it upfront would have placed a heavy burden on cash flow. The business needed specific models which would cost a total of £8,300 to purchase. It had £1,000 available to use as a deposit and was looking for finance to fund the remaining £7,300. A three-year HP agreement was the most suitable option and the customer signed all documentation quickly to speed up the process.

Figures for illustrative purposes only and do not constitute a quotation. Applicable interest rates appropriate for the type of asset at the time of publication.