Donna Bourne, our compliance officer, will be a familiar voice to many of our customers as she handles our FCA obligations. As well as being an essential member of the Beacon team, she’s also the lead organiser of the Poppy Appeal in Herefordshire for Bartestree, Burghill, Lugwardine, Marden and Sutton St Nicholas for The Royal British Legion. Here’s why it’s a cause so close to her heart:

“For most people, The Royal British Legion is all about remembrance. That’s something that’s especially poignant now as we approach the third year of commemorations marking 100 years since the First World War. This year’s centre around the battle of Passchendaele where somewhere between 400,000-800,000 men gave their lives.

“However it also has an important role to play for service men and women and their families who need support today. In so many cases where a serving member of the armed forces or a member of their family is suffering hardship they may be hundreds of miles away from their wider family and support networks. In these circumstances the work of The Royal British Legion is vital.

Remembrance to educate future generations

“For me personally, volunteering for the Poppy Appeal is a no-brainer. Remembrance plays an essential role in educating future generations about the horrors of war and making sure that the mistakes of the past aren’t repeated. It’s also so important for us to support armed forces families and our current armed forces as they defend the freedoms we take for granted.

“For anyone who wants to support this cause I have several different designs of pin badges available for £2-3 each (or slightly more if posted) plus a range of other items for sale all year round, and of course in the run up to Remembrance Sunday.

Visit The Royal British Legion website for more information about the good work it does.